Sirena is the Healer for the Guardians. Hroarr is the God of Thule. Two people from two entirely different worlds are mates. Sirena loves being a Guardian and a healer and has been alone for a millennia. Hroarr is gorgeous and very possessive. There is a Darkness coming and it will destroy the Earth Realm. Hroarr agrees to make the contaminant chambers for the Gods, but he wants Sirena in exchange. The mating frenzy has already started, they will have to deal with it and try to save Earth.

Last book of the series. I am sorry for the end but it has been a blast getting to know all of them. Ms. Jay makes her characters come alive and you feel like you are fighting right along with them. Sex. Secrets. End of the World. A very powerful baby. And the interfering cats. Fast paced and I loved it.



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