OMG!!!! Freaking loved this book! It’s the last in this series and an emotional story. I laughed and even cried a little. * Plenty of wall banging, back scratching sex. Plus four way sex.* Be prepared for a cold shower.Sarah is a widow who’s husband committed suicide. Dylan is a widower who’s wife died of cancer. They went to high school together and dated for a few months. They have a one night stand three years after Sarah’s husband died and eight years after Dylan’s wife died. They didn’t see or speak for three years after.

Dylan has been sober for three years. After his encounter with Sarah he knew he needed to change. Sarah realized she couldn’t fix everyone so she worked on herself. Now they run into each other at Dylan’s company party. Then he runs into her at Devotion, a sex club. She goes away for the weekend with a guy she has been dating and he surprises her with a trip to a sex club! She is furious and Dylan takes her back to her hotel. From there on they start seeing each other. He opens her to a whole new world. They have their ups and downs but as always love can conquer anything.

* I was given a copy of this book and voluntarily reviewed it *

*Release date JANUARY 31,2017*

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