Tilly is a grown woman but lives with her mother because she has cancer and is dying. Her step brother, Beast, comes back at the request from Liv, Tilly’s mother. His dad married Liv when he was fourteen and Tilly ten. Beast and Tilly had an affair several summers ago but he up and left and wouldn’t respond to her letters or calls.
Now he’s back but a very changed man. Tilly acts like a pesky little sister and gets herself and her friend Frankie in all kinds of trouble. Beast tries to stay away from Tilly but she makes it impossible. He gives in and they start a Dom/sub relationship. As Liv starts moving downhill fast, secrets are revealed and lives changed forever.
What really got me was when they would call each “brother” or “sister. If they’d added step in front like they did most of the time it wouldn’t feel as creepy. Also it’s a 400 and some page book and it told with only Tilly’s point of view. I like to know what both main characters are thinking and feeling. Lots of explicit sex, spankings, and Tilly being tied up.



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