While out walking her dog on the beach, Darcy, a bartender and book designer, finds a naked man washed ashore. He is badly injured but refuses to go to hospital. She takes him back to her little house and gets him cleaned and bandaged up. 

Gabriel is an assassin and was betrayed by his partner and clan member. He doesn’t take long to heal, faster than a normal person. He thinks Darcy is just another greedy person because she charges him five thousand dollars for him to stay at her place. But the money goes to support her sister in college. Then the more time spent together, the more attraction grows. But his partner is still looking for him and the only way to keep Darcy safe, is to leave. Can Darcy and Gabe put aside their differences and  make a future together? 

Great story. Took a little too long to tell us what Gabe was. Couple of sexy sex scenes. A slight cliffhanger. This is a new author for me and will be checking her out more.

*I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book*



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