Ashley is a reporter and a little wild. She lost her boyfriend and baby at 16. Two years ago she was doing a story about a woman who was pregnant and put in the trunk of her car and pushed in the lake. She interviews Sentinel, a Son of Babyalon, and the victims sister. He knows his brother in law killed her but can’t prove it.
Now two years later, Ashley is getting tips about other murders just like Sentinel’s sister Sarah. She goes to interview the ex and runs into Sentinel. He is a vigilante and is going to get justice for his sister one way or the other. Can he keep Ashley from finding out what he really does or will he lose the woman he has falling for?

Awesome story. Sexy bikers. Beautiful reporter.  Explicit sex. A book that will keep you engrossed till the very end. Be prepared for a cold shower and nail biting thrills.




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