Isa works for Red Stone. She goes into companies and checks their security. Graysen is former CIA and was undercover when he met Isa a year ago. He posed as a defense contractor and was working to take her father down for selling the identities of other agents. Her father is killed and she leaves D.C. and goes to Florida.

Now Graysen comes to work for Red Stone and aims to get Isa back. She can’t forgive him for lying to her. They are teamed up to go undercover at an aeronautics company. They are trying to find out who’s stealing money from the company. When they are trapped in the building with Russian killers, they have to save themselves and two friends who are trapped with them. Will she forgive him and give them a second chance? 

A really edge of your seat book. It also tells the story of Emerson and Carlito along with Isa and Graysen. Two love stories in one. Sex. Russians. Action.

*Click image for Amazon Kindle link*
*Voluntarily reviewed this book from Netgalley *

*Release date January 10,2017*


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