Leah has been with Reckless Beat since the beginning. She’s their manager but has been in love with Ryan for years. But Ryan was married and her contract doesn’t allow relationships with clients. When Ryan gets served with divorce papers, he’s blindsided. Even though their marriage had been over for a while. They are on the last leg of their tour and then they’ll be free of their contract. Except the owners give them an ultimatum..create some news for the new band or get dates added onto the tour. So Ryan agrees to “pretend ” to be dating the lead singer of Slicker, Felicity. He hates it because he is in love with Leah. They can’t fight the attraction any longer but they must hide it from everyone. There are many obstacles that come up but Ryan will not give up on them. Leah will lose her job if her boss finds out, but she’s more worried about the family, the members of Reckless, that she will lose. Will she give them a shot or will she let her fear tear them apart.

I think this is my favorite one. Ryan is a sweetheart and Leah is tough but has a hidden soft side. I laughed. I cried. I wanted to strangle them both. Some smoking hot sex. Friends to lovers story. Ms. Summers has blown me away with this last book. You will never be disappointed when you read one of her books.

* I received an advanced copy and voluntarily reviewed it.*


*Click image for Kindle pre order link*


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