Ella is a vegan and is famous for her blog and environmental causes. When she gets a stalker, a favor s called in to the Titan Group and she gets protection. But her bodyguard is her ex Bishop.Bishop is new to the Titan team and his first gig is babysitting some internet celebrity. When he meets her, he’s shocked that it’s Eloise aka Ella. They dated in high school and college and then one night they were driving back with his sister, when they were in a wreck. Bishop’s sister was killed and they drifted apart.

Now they are back in each other’s lives and he’ll do anything to keep her safe. They must put the past to rest before they can move toward the future. Plus catch her crazy stalker.

Good story. Hot love scenes. Funny. I believe the stalker should have been unknown and revealed at the end. We knew who it was the whole time and he was totally crazy!


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