Rayce is the most powerful werewolf and a hunter. He has been tracking Lila, the fallen angel, since they rescued here and she disappeared. From the moment he saw her he knew she was his.

Lila was betrayed by her friend Leo. She was held prisoner until Rayce, Luke, and Julian rescued her and her cell mates. Now she’s on her own and selling her feathers for money. That’s where Rayce catches up to her.  

He takes her to one of Luke’s cabins but they have a crazy man after Lila. Kale is a paranormal and wants Lila for his mate. If he gets her, then they will become unstoppable. But Rayce will protect her even at the expense of his life or friends.

Funny. Sexy. A suspenseful story that will keep you eagerly waiting for the next page. I loved the characters. Really you can’t go wrong with any of Cynthia Eden’s books.



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