Ally was raised by a foster family. Her foster brother joins the Army and gets killed. Her mom never believed the reports and as she is dying she makes Ally promise to keep searching for answers. The only man who knows won’t answer her calls. So she decides to go to Texas and demand answers.

Macon served his country but lost his leg and his wife. He was spiraling out of control until his older brother shows up. Adam takes him back to Texas and gets him a job at TOP. Life is finally looking up and he meets Ally.

Macon doesn’t believe a girl like Ally could ever want him. As Ally gets to know Macon, she realizes he isn’t the man she thought and gives up her quest for answers. She just wants to love Macon. But when the truth comes out, Macon thinks she just used him to get answers. Can they find their way back to each other or will he open his heart to forgiveness?

I honestly have never read a book by Lexi Blake that I didn’t want to laugh and cry. Her stories draw you in and keep you reading until its over. Two people  couldn’t have been more perfect for each other. The sex was panty melting. Thank you Lexi for writing such awesome characters.



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