I freaking loved it. Lovable characters, funny dialogue, and smoking hot sex. The pups were hilarious and I loved the movie quotes. Plenty of heart pounding action. I cannot wait for the next story.

Jesse is an enforcer and a wolf shifter. His true mate drowned when he was young. 

Harley is a margay shifter and had a crush on Jesse when she was younger. But his family accused her of getting his sister hooked on drugs but she tried to help. Now years later Jesse has been keeping an eye on her because he knows she belongs to him and wants to imprint on her. Which is as bonding as strong as what true mates do. When a child, who is a Seer, sees her car blowing up, he goes and brings her back to his pack. 

There is a little jealousy and meanness but she is strong and can be just as mean.  Once they get to know her and see how protective of Jesse she is, they welcome her. She has extremist after her and the pack has a half shifter developer trying to take their land and Jesse trying to convince her she is his one and only. 





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