​Susan is a virgin and lives at home with her strict daddy. Her sister Mercy is was kicked out of the house at a young age. She started her own business and is about to marry.

Andrew is the king of porn, was once Mercy’s best friend and lover and has a son that his sister is raising as her own. He doesn’t believe in monogamy but there is something about Susan that makes him want her. He was badly scarred in a fire but Susan doesn’t let it bother her.

She has been auditioning for dance parts but keeps getting turned down. So she turns to Andrew for help. Even tho Mercy has warned him away from Susan, he still tries to help her get over problems with performing for an audience. 

Andrew can’t get her out of his head. But its either persue Susan or lose his best friend. And Susan can lose her family or go after her dreams.

I’ll be honest this story didn’t hold my attention at first but when I finally sat down and read it, I was hooked. You have a crazy religious father, a guy who has no filter on his mouth, and a young woman wanting to experience life and follow her dreams. Andrew likes to shock people with his dirty talk but it only turns the little virgin on. 

*I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader copy of this book.*



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