​Olivia is in from Paris visiting family. She has lived overseas for ten years. In a couple of weeks she starts culinary school in Paris. Her family owns an event planning business and are dragging Olivia into it. Lots of problems pop up that keep tearing the little family apart.

Tate is a divorced hockey player and meets Olivia at his best friends engagement party. He is a little “gun shy” because his ex cheated on him and Olivia is a free spirit. But when they get together, sparks fly and unknown feelings crop up. He knows she’s leaving but decides to spend as much time with her as he can. What neither expect is to fall in love so fast.

Olivia and her family are doing a benefit dinner for Tate’s organization but secrets are spilled that could destroy the relationship before it really gets started. Between her mother and sister keeping major secrets and then making Tate promise not to tell, she’s not sure if she can put up with it. So she does some soul searching and hopes to keep her dream of being a chef, her family and the man she loves.

Excellent story. Loved Tate and Olivia. They are both strong, sexual people, who’ve been hurt but knows a good thing when they find it. Explicit sex scenes that will leave you needing a cold shower. You will not be disappointed. 




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