Ava is a cop and lives with her dad. Her mother was an officer and was killed when she was a child. Her dad is the sheriff and is cold and distant. She gets a tip, that her mother wasn’t killed by the drug dealer but an arms dealer. The only person she can get to help her is Rush.

Rush spent eight years on prison for a crime he didn’t commit. He and his brothers run a fugitive recovery business. He is bitter, angry, and a douche. The man Ava is after, happens to be the man Rush thinks is his real father. They crash a party he is having and truths are revealed.
Great story. Ava is sweet, red headed virgin. Rush is a sexy, tattooed bad boy who needed an attitude adjustment. I understand the angry but he didn’t have to be a douchebag. I didn’t understand why he didn’t tell his brothers about their mother’s deathbed confession. But once you get past the rough spots of Rush’s character, he’s a sweetheart.


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