Jane is a nurse on vacation in Orange Beach with her cousin. Her cousin believes she needs to get laid.

King and Sam are football players for the Birmingham Rebels. Sam was in the Army, lost a friend in Afghanistan, and injured himself. He has PTSD and King takes him to Orange Beach to get laid.
They meet Jane, have a one night stand, and the only way Sam is willing to have sex with Jane, is for King to watch and make sure he doesn’t freak out. What none of them expect, is how hot it would be for King to watch. 
They go back to their lives but months later they see Jane in the ER where she works. She is embarrassed but decides to go out with them. They are at a party and someone records them getting down and dirty. She runs off and the boys try to apologize but she won’t take their calls. Can they convince her to take a chance or will she stay “good girl Jane”?
Some parts was hilarious. The sex was out of this world. Need a cold shower after this one. I wanted to smack Jane. She would have the best sex of her life with both guys and then freak out call herself a slut and then have sex with them again. MMF. MFM. Read it in one day.

*RELEASE DATE 1/31/17*

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