Maggie’s husband, Grant, is killed and leaves journals pointing to her working with him. Grant was a DEA agent but working for the Fuentes’, a very bad family who developed a drug that makes the user want sex and they end up dying.

Joe thought Grant was his best friend but he found out, as Grant was dying, how much he hated him. Joe had dated Maggie and when he wouldn't commit, she left him. She meets Grant and they marry. She soon finds out that Grant is not the man she thought she married. He is mean, jealous, and hates Joe with a passion.

Now the Fuentes are after Maggie and Joe will do anything to keep her safe. They first need to find the evidence to clear Maggie's name.
Short story. You may need to read DANGEROUS GAMES to get a little more info. The sex is hot and explicit.
*RELEASE DATE 12/13/16*
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