Julie used to visit her father in Gladwin as a teenager. She lives in Chicago and is a paralegal. She comes back to Gladwin when her father has a heart attack. She is looking for her father’s journals and goes to Mark’s house.

Mark is a grizzly bear shifter and is losing his humanity. He is a genius with computers and he and Julie’s father, a professor, have been trying to figure out mating and bonding. He has had a crush on Julie since they were sixteen but she stopped coming for the summers.

Now her father’s journals are missing and there are weird creatures lurking around. Mark turns bear and freaks Julie out. He doesn’t want to lose her because she’s his mate. But when she is kidnapped, he’ll do anything to get her back even shift. Because this could be the last time he is human.

Loved Mark. He is sweet, compassionate, wild, and protective. Julie is smart, curvaceous, and funny. There were several errors. Sex but not all explicit. Crazy cat lady and Weird Einstein guy. Interesting story.



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