​Rock was born in Louisiana and was from the wrong side of the tracks. Clotille was rich but her mother beat her. Rock and Clotille meet and became friends until high school. On graduation night, they have sex. When Rock gets home he finds his mom dead and his dad drunk with the knife in his hand. He almost beats him to death. Rock goes to jail and his dad is convicted of the death of his wife.

He gets out of jail and joins the Insurgents MC. They agree to do bodyguard duty for some rich guy. What he doesn’t expect is it to be a BDSM party. He is shocked to find Clotille is the man’s pet. He returns and takes her away but the man doesn’t like to lose his toys.

A lot of secrets are uncovered that almost destroy what Rock and Clotille have started to build. Can he forgive her for her lies or will he give up on her and go back to easy women in the club.

Too much going back and forwards, with Rock loving her, not loving her, and loving her. I know he’s a biker but I found him to be a little childish. But Clotille wasn’t much better. She expected him to forgive her after all she’d put him through.



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