I love biker stories and this is one of my favorites. You have it all..sex, a crazy ex, second chances, and a woman who finally realizes where home is.

Merritt lived in Lagrange her whole life. Her father was the town’s doctor, so he also took care of the club’s injuries when needed.  He pushed Merritt to leave and become something better. So she goes to law school and gets a job in New York. But when her boyfriend/boss gets a little crazy, she goes back to Lagrange, after being gone for five years, to hide out.

Greeley is the sergeant at arms for the Devil’s Keepers motorcycle club. Merritt is the only woman he ever said “I love you” to and she still left him. Greeley is older and wiser and swears he won’t make the same mistake twice. But he can’t stay away and the sex is just as hot as he remembered.  Can he fight her demons and get her to stay or will he lose her again.

Explicit sex scenes that will burn your ereader up. I read this in one day. Could not put it down!

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