I absolutely loved this story. I read this story in one day. Could not put it down. I laughed and almost cried. Plenty of headboard banging sex. So hot you’ll next a cigarette afterwards. Sexy stuntmen, beautiful assistant, a sick nephew, and a GRADE A *itch!

Brooke is the personal assistant to a very famous actress. Who is in my opinion the spawn of Satan but Brooke takes her crap for her asthmatic nephew.

Keaton is a stuntman and is tired of the same old one night stands. Till he runs into Brooke, after not seeing each other in a year. They were just friends but they decide to take it to next level since Keaton is leaving the next day.

But when he has to take the other stuntman’s place, that totally throws Brooke in an awkward position. Her boss has made it known she plans to bed him. In order to keep her job, she begs Keaton not mention their relationship. Will she lose her job and the man she has fallen for?



*RELEASE DATE 10/17/16*



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