Six years ago Izzy was drinking, doing drugs and sex. She has a one night stand with Liam, a guy she meet at a party. Liam is just starting the police academy and walks the straight and narrow. She feels a connection to Liam but chooses drugs over him.

Now she is two years clean and works at Kinnections, a matchmaking service. In walks Liam and they are both surprised to see each other. He is the one she never forgot but is afraid her demons will come back. He wants to have dinner and then he’ll fill out the forms for Kinnections. She agrees but she doesn’t feel like she’s good enough for a cop.

Can they fight her demons and help her overcome her insecurities or will she lose the only man she has ever loved? I laughed. I cried. And wanted to yell at Izzy to grab that man and hold on tight. This is truly a second chance story. This is the last book of the series but I’m hoping maybe Raven will get a book?? Hint Hint




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