Sierra is a chef in a casino. Hayden is one of the security specialists at the casino. When Sierra is attacked in the garage, Hayden knows it’s time to tell her how he feels.

A sexy ex SEAL, a cute chef, and plenty of passion. When they get together they bout burn the place down.

Loved the book!



Jay is a former Marine and is Wyatt’s personal bodyguard. Ellie is his assistant. Jay and Ellie have been together for a year. But her ex gets out of jail and threatens everything Ellie holds dear. 

Will she stay and fight for the man she loves or will she let her past decide her future?

Great story. An ex, former marine, and friends that stick no matter what.



Angel is on the run from a stalker. Vadim is a Russian computer expert for the Serafina. He is attracted to Angel but believes he’s not good enough for her. But when his car is vandalized while she’d been driving it, he takes her to his home. He’ll do anything to protect her. 

This was my favorite. Vadim is sexy, protective, and possesses a sweet side. Angel has many secrets but is strong and independent. Sexy bathroom scene.


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