​Short but extremely hot. A lioness and computer geek.

Scarlett is a lion shifter and very attracted to her boss Knox. A couple of problems….1) he’s human and 2) he has a girlfriend. Scarlett’s lion is yelling “MINE” and “MATE” but she’s afraid she will hurt him.

Knox has fallen for Scarlett but she keeps her distance. He breaks it off with his girlfriend and goes after her. He has a party at his mansion, when he stumbles across his ex being kidnapped. He tries to help but they are wolf shifters and almost kill him. His scientist friend has been working on a serum to cure human diseases with shifter mixtures.  To save him, they inject him and he heals but there are several different animals in him.

They serum gets stolen and they must work fast to get it back before its sold to the government or the bad guys. 

Awesome story. Fast paced. Took me about an hour to read. Couldn’t put it down. Get ready for a cold shower.



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