Gina is a former Marine and is a physical therapist in Warrior Falls. She has a six year old daughter. Gina was raped while in the Marines and hasn’t been attracted to any man since.

Reece is a former SEAL and living on his commander’s ranch healing. Reece lost part of his arm in Syria. Gina is his therapist and talks non stop. He doesn’t talk much and stays to himself. He has nightmares and PTSD from where he was held prisoner and tortured. Until he meets Gina’s adorable daughter Piper. Now Piper is a cracker jack. She has it in her mind that Reece is going to be her Daddy.  He falls in love with both. 

They have their ups and downs. Piper is almost kidnapped by Russian Mafia. Reece is shot twice saving her. Gina leaves hateful messages on his voicemail and it will take a lot groveling to get him over his hurt feelings.

Excellent story. I laughed and cried. I loved Piper, she is a firecracker. Once Reece opens up he’s pretty funny too. Hot sex scenes. Hunky SEALs. Can’t wait to read the next one.


*RELEASE DATE 11/22/16*

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