​Callie is a wolf shifter and has decided to leave her pack. She gets to King, Pennsylvania and her brakes go out and she wrecks.

Ethan and Eryx are twin mountain lions and deputies. They arrive on scene and as soon as they touch her, they know she’s their mate. In the lions world, the males are the nurturing and caring ones and the females are cold and unfeeling. They raise and care for the children. 

Ethan and Eryx will have a long road ahead of them. Callie is not ready to settle down and plans to leave just as soon as she can. Between the females making trouble, they are of the mind set, that if they don’t want the males, no one else cane have them either. But Callie is stronger when something she cares about is threatened.

Great story. Leaves you needing a cold shower. I loved the twins. I wouldn’t mind having them. Callie, I thought as sort of selfish and not a very good friend. I know she wanted to break from the pack but she didn’t have to totally alienate her best friend. I just didn’t like her a whole lot. And she was mean to the twins at first, who could be mean to two gorgeous hunks only wanting to love and be loved.



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