Rose has been dating Julian for awhile. He takes her away for a romantic weekend and drops a huge bombshell…he is a panther shifter. She tries to get away, scared out of her mind, and makes it to the front door. When all of the sudden bullets pierce the wood and go into Rose. She is dying and Julian makes a deal with the devil, to save her life. 

When she wakes, there are no holes, and she is thirsty for blood. She is freaked out that she is now one of the monsters that go bump in the night. She runs and ends up caught by her brother, who works for Uncle Sam. They keep her in a cell and do experiments on her. She gets away and her brother is killed so thats one less crazy after her.

She is hunting in a bar when she is almost kidnapped but Julian is there to save her. The guy is known as the COLLECTOR and she is the last piece he needs to finish his creation. But Julian has made another find an angel and he’ll get what he thinks Rose would want. He has to stay by her side 24/7, not a problem for him because he knows Rose is his mate.

Sexy vampires, gorgeous panther, a wolf, gargoyle, angels, witches, and crazy man..oh my.  Hilarious. The secondary characters are awesome. Can’t wait for their stories. Made me laugh out loud. Smoking hot sex scenes. If you read one book, make it this one.




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