I have read most of Ms. Harber’s books but this one is by far my favorite. You have romance, suspense, kidnappings, hero’s and revenge.

Sophia jilted her fiancé at the alter. He is a cheater and she couldn’t go through with the wedding. She has a one night stand with Javier, whom she has had a crush on forever.

Javier was a street fighter in Brazil in his youth until DELTA offered him a chance of a lifetime. Take down the group that took his sister. That has been his one mission in life. 

Sophia is acting as an aid worker in Honduras and trying to help Hana, the wife of the leader of the Primeiro Comando. She is giving information to the U.S. in exchange of getting her out. Javier and his Delta team are assigned to the Embassy with Sophia. The woman he can’t stop thinking about. 

Poor Sophia finds herself in all kinds of trouble. She is almost killed when the locals find out about her and Hana. Then the embassy is bombed, after Delta left, and she locks herself and the cook in the safe room. A SEAL team saves them. And then she is kidnapped in Paris and DELTA and Javier rushed to rescue her. When it came to revenge or saving Sophia, it was an easy choice. 

Excellent story. Wild, passionate sex.  A beautiful woman who can’t seem to stay out of trouble. And a gorgeous, Brazilian who loves her.



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