Nora was a rich girl who’s father wanted her to marry one if his friends. When she refused, he threw her out. Now she is a bail bonds woman and one tough cookie. She goes to a biker bar looking for a skip. What she finds is her past. 

Smith is the president of the motorcycle club. Eight years ago, he was in love with Nora but she hung him out and he has never forgiven her. Her father accused him of seducing her and of being a rapist. He spread it all over and he couldn’t get a job. Nora is after his VP and best friend. He makes a deal..she gives him one night and he’ll turn over his VP. He quickly realizes one night is not enough. But can they get over the past and move forward?

Good story. Tough bikers. Sexy bonds woman. Sex. Hurt feelings. I think he held onto his anger too long and Nora should have given him an authentic apology. Why would he want to make his last name the same as the man who ruined him? That was not right.


*RELEASE DATE December 6, 2016*


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