I absolutely loved this book. I laughed. I cried. I needed a cold shower. Sexy Russian mafia. Bodyguards. Sex. F/F. And sharing. The sex is explicit and there is some BDSM. An attempted kidnapping and a cliffhanger but don’t worry, the 2nd book is already out.

Jessica is an American who lost both her parents and adopted parents. When she learns of an Uncle on her birth mothers side, she is ecstatic. He is a politician and owns a pub in Ireland. 

Alexandr is an assassin, a very high member of the Russian mafia, and a manwhore. The moment he sees Jessica, he knows she was meant for him. But first he wants to make her fall so in love with him, that when she finds out about who he really is, she’ll never leave him. He is hired by her Uncle as a bodyguard to protect her. He and his men take this job very seriously. He has already lost his mother, step mother, and half sister to the feud between the two mafia families.

As the years go by, Jessica and Alex get married. Alex’s father is crazy and tells Jessica she must fake her death or Alex or her unborn child will be killed. Five years later, she gets a job in Spain where Alex is just finding out that his wife and daughter is still alive and he will do anything to get his family back. 


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