Kindle Pre Order Link
*Release Date 10/22/16*

I received a copy from Netgalley. If you like sexy hockey players, a sweet woman, and lots of hot, sweaty sex this is for you.

Sidney has been divorced for five years. Her and her husband were trying to get pregnant, he cheated, got his girlfriend pregnant, and left her. Now she owns her own consulting business, she helps bars and restaurants come up with better menus and drinks. She is not looking for love. But sometimes it sneaks up on you without you expecting it.

Jared is a pro hockey player and owner of a bar/restaurant named the Sin Bin. A ladies man and lifelong bachelor. He hires Sidney to revamp his bar and they start an affair. She wants a no strings, just sex arrangement. Jared agrees until he starts falling for her. So he challenges her..go out on dates, spend nights together, hold hands, and all the things couples do without falling in love. Will Jared be able to convince Sidney that she can trust her heart to him?

I believe this is my favorite of this series. I laughed, I cried, and needed to put my fan on high, the sex was off the charts hot.


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