​I don’t even know how to review this without giving anything away. This is the first book by Sandra Brown that I have read in a long time. I used to have most of her books. There is plenty of suspense, shockers, and sexual tension.  I was totally shocked at the ending.

Jordie owns a party planning business. Her brother Josh is in protective custody because he turned on his boss Panella. Josh was Panella’s accountant and they stole over thirty million dollars from people. 

Shaw is a hired hitman and has been hired to kill Jordie. But he kills his partner and kidnaps Jordie hoping to get more money for her. He hides her out in an abandoned building. Shaw thinks she knows more about her brother’s scam than she has let on. 

Her brother escapes and Jordie is rescued. But Panella is still out there and wants Jordie dead to punish Josh for turning on him. So now Jordie is in protection, Josh is hiding, and Panella is after them both and anyone who gets in his way.

An edge of your seat story. A little slow at the beginning but then you’ll be like OMG and WTH is happening. This is one story you do not want to miss.





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