Bliss is a wolf but has never shifted. Her mates are hyena shifters. Lincoln, Rome, and Memphis are the best mates a girl could have. Her parents have called her names and said they never want to see her again. They decide to go to her hometown and see if talking to them in person will help. But they have left her belongings in garbage bags on the front porch. They tell their Alpha that she is dead to them and want to leave the pack.
Bliss has decided to go on with her life and her and her mates get married. They go on a honeymoon and get lost coming out of the mountains. They come up on a group of owl shifters. They are having a ceremony and Bliss helps a girl escape. Now her and the guys must have sex in front of all the owls.  After the ceremony is over, they leave but have an extra passenger.
Life comes back to normal until a couple of owls come hunting for the girl. But they have tangled with the wrong men.
Three handsome hyenas that love and adore their beautiful wolf. Best friends. Scary owls. And some spicy sex.
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