Kat is a heir to the McMaster fortune. They own hotels and casinos around the world. She wants the Vegas hotel but first she must prove to her grandfather that she is responsible enough. So he sends her to New Orleans to renovate the Majestic hotel and casino.
Cole is ex military and going to be head if her security team down there. If he proves himself he can go anywhere.
Julien is a piano player and now manager of the Majestic. He nows the Majestic can be great again with some love and care. He is up for the challenge.
Kat is attracted to both men and wants them both. So she propositions them and they are both on board. Cole has been in this type of relationship before, Julien  is willing to try as long as he has Kat. But once her grandfather finds out, will he put an end to it or will they fight for their love?
Great story. My first from this author. A love triangle with a wealthy heiress, her bodyguard and hotel manager. Sex. A kidnapping. And a grandfather who loves his granddaughter with all his heart.
A couple if errors that I hope is fixed before releasing. *RECEIVED A COPY FROM NETGALLEY*


Release Day 9/6/16
Kindle pre order link

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