Jess and her sister, wolf shifters, are on the run from rogue wolves. They come to a town and the pack takes them in. They set them up with jobs at a saloon.  Which is run by two brothers. Jess is shocked to see her mate Simon. He broke her heart by saying he didn’t want to mate with her.
Simon and his brother, bear shifters, own the Blue Moon Saloon. After their family was killed and Jess’s pack was killed he thought she was dead. He never stopped loving her but can he convince her of his love? The rogue wolves find the girls and try to kill them to keep the blood lines pure, no mix breeding. Simon, Soren, and the Alpha race to get to them but will they be in time?
I loved this story. Romance, a second chance at love, a outgoing sister, and a surly brother. Of course bad guys.  A must read.
*ON sale for .99¢*



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