Lily lost her farm to loan sharks because her cheating husband gambled and lost all her money. Now she is a long haul trucker. She wrecks in Florida and who gets her out of the truck? Clint, her ex boyfriend.
Clint owns a ranch and can’t believe it’s his first love. When Lily gets fired and has no where to go, Clint offers her a job and place to live.
When she sends divorce papers to her husband, he and the loan shark shows up and kidnaps her for money. Clint and his brother rescue but Cam, the brother, gets shot when they come to the ranch to get Lily back. Lily feels like it’s her fault and takes off. Will Clint ever see her again or has he lost her for good?
Good story. Lots of sex. A couple of errors. Like one where she writes Max instead of Clint. Also doesn’t explain how the ex got out of jail. He is just there where Lily is being held. She gets mad because Clint was mad about her running off. I thought he had every right to be mad because she was gone for weeks and he didn’t know if the bad guys got her again or what.
Couldn’t find it on Amazon.


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