Let me see if I can do this book justice by reviewing it. It’s an awesome story and I read the ones before but awhile ago. Guardians, Gods, Goddesses, a baby not born but causing havoc already, cats and hellhounds.
Pothos is the son of Hades and a Thule priestess. Gefn is a Thule Goddess and Pothos mate. The Guardians have Gefn’s sister and they have Apollo. They are to exchange but P and Gefn are stuck in Thule’s version of Heaven. Once they complete the soul bond, they are able to transport out. They are fighting the mating frenzy, possessed humans in the Earth realm, the Thulian Gods, and trying to find out a way to save both worlds. Gives you a little peak of who Sirena’s mate is and the first guardian baby is about to be born.
Lots is sex. Funny. I adored this couple. Hades cracks me up. Needed a cold shower after reading this story.




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