Natalie is rich and her father has practically kept her a prisoner. He is over her trust fund until she turns thirty. But she can’t take it anymore, so she sneaks out and is headed away from her father. She barely gets away when her father’s men find her. Try to force her to go with them. And she shoots one because he is choking her.
Knox is an underground fighter. His manager X wants him to throw the next fight. He refuses and gets into a fight with X and knocks him out. As he’s running, he comes across Natalie fighting the men sent to take her back. After she kills one, they go on the run together.
Now it’s out that Knox kidnapped Natalie. She is trying to find a way to take her father down and Knox has never met a more beautiful, smart, brave woman in his life. As they are digging into her trust fund documents, she comes across some disturbing evidence.
After she sets up a meeting about her trust, she is kidnapped by X and they knock Knox out. But her father and X are in business together and if she doesn’t sign some papers they’ll kill Knox. Can she save herself and Knox or will her father get everything?
Good story. Bad boy meets rich girl. A strong old woman and her two Dobermans. Bad guys. Sex.
*RELEASE 8/30/16
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