Jes is the leader of the falcon. He goes to a meeting of weres at a bears den. He never expects to find his mate.
Chance is the Prince of the lions. He is surprised to find his mate and he must share her with Jes.
Danika was taken in by the bears as a child. She has never shifted but as soon as she meets Jes and Chance, she goes into excruciating pain in her back. They guys sneak her out and take her back to the nest. After they have sex, her white wings are released, fangs drop down, and claws on her fingers.
But a bear shifter wants her and Jes will have to fight him to keep her. When he wins, he takes her to a coven of witches to find out what she is. They find out that their children will be a new breed and she is a madter. A combination of two different were species. Danika never expected to find one mate, let alone two.
Loved this story. Sexy falcon and white lion. A gorgeous winged woman, and a love that will last forever. Short and sexy.
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