Mia is a reporter who goes undercover in Sanctum for a story. Case hasn’t been the same since he lost his twin brother. But Mia makes him smile until he finds out she’s working a story.
Months later Mia gets info about Case’s brother Theo. She takes it to him because she thinks it’ll get her back into his good gracious. They decide to give the D/s relationship a try, which they really never get into, until it all falls apart in Colombia.
Now Case has to save his brother and Mia. His brother has been drugged so he doesn’t remember anyone other than the crazy doctor who experimented on him. And Mia’s is being held for ransom. Can he save them both or will he have to choose between his brother and the woman he loves?
Mia actually got on my nerves. She is not one of my favorite characters. Case needed to quit being a butt and admit they were both wrong. Not as much sex as some of her others but awesome story line.
Can’t wait for the next one!!!!!!
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