Sarah has no family, a crazy ex, and works at a convenience store. Levi had a horrible childhood and has to have control in all aspects of his life. A cop, he stops by Sarah’s store every evening and asks her out. She turns him down until he is shot, protecting her from a robber. Levi finds out she lives in a rundown, pay by the hour hotel and she slowly starts to tell him about her life. Someone breaks in and steals what little money she had saved, so she can leave Chicago. Levi convinces her to stay with him. Little by little he is lowering the wall around his heart and wants nothing more than make her his. But she believes she is unworthy of love and Levi will have to prove that she is lovable.
Third in the Dirty Sexy Series. Sexy. A hot cop and a sweet, down on her luck, girl. Singes the words right off the page.
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