Kelcee lives in Warrior Falls and inherited a little bookstore. Dustin is a Navy SEAL who us recovering from injuries sustained in a bomb explosion in Syria. He lost part of his leg and one side of his face is scarred. ZQ was his commander and invites him to his ranch to recover. ZQ stops at Kelcee’s bookstore and Dustin meets her and it is a heated meeting. He calls her to apologize and they go out. Dustin is dealing with PTSD and he ends up breaking up with her because he hurt her in his sleep. But when her secrets come out, he’ll do anything to keep her safe.
Kelcee had a temper and should have been a little more nicer to Dustin. Their relationship happened a bit fast. One day they neither liked each other and the next he was kissing and loving on her. It was fast paced at times and then it was slower at others. Pretty good story. Some sex. Blood. Secrets.
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