Summer has been living in Central Park ever since she woke up covered in blood and no memory. Something strange is going on..people are being nice and giving her money and buying her food. It is October and when she sat at a bench, there were dead leaves everywhere but when she got up, the leaves were green and flowers bloomed.
Michael is a Templar who hunts witches. But one look at Summer and he senses she is different. He saves her from a rapist and takes her to his home. He figures out she is a Wiccan and must take her to be trained.
Troy is a warlock and takes her to his coven. But there is a sexually pull that is hard to deny. Summer is learning more about her powers but still has no memory. Michael comes and takes her back with him.
CLIFFHANGER!!!!! Sex. Witches, warlocks, and hunters. Great story.




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