Willa is a wolf shifter who has been promised to Grey, her Alpha, since she was born. But when he goes and marries another, her parents leave the pack. She goes to and they take her to meet Drake, a dragon shifter. They have promised her to him in exchange for his loyalty to their new pack. Willa is stunned and tries every way possible to get away. Drake always keeps his promises and aims to keep her. Once she gives in, she falls in love with him but makes a huge mistake by contacting her old Alpha and he kidnaps her. The only way to save him, she jumps off a cliff for Drake to save her. He won’t listen to her explanation and chains her up. But realizes his mistake and let’s her go. Can she get him to listen or has she lost her mate for good?
Excellent story. Hot sex. Hunky dragon shifter and beautiful wolf shifter.




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