Ok, first off every other paragraph was ” dark haired woman” or ” young woman” instead of just calling her by her name. Holly. It drove me freaking crazy. Also she used “in a thrice” I had to look it up. It means in a moment. Now the story.
Holly sees her husband murdered right in front of her. Now she’s raising her little girl, running her late husband’s restaurant, and now her brother in law is out of jail and back. Shane was a twin to Tommy, Holly’s late husband. He had been in jail for eight years for taking the fall for someone else.
Molly’s husband was in debt and now they want her to finish paying it off.  Each time the man comes to collect, he beats and humiliates Molly. She doesn’t want to fall for Shane but he is irresistible.  Shane has waited ten years and nothing will stop him from loving Molly and his niece.
The story was good it was just the mistakes and using her hair color instead of her name.




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