Four siblings start out to New York from California. Their mother left a journal after she died. She had went as a guest to the Coney Island Polar Bear Club. She jumps into the Atlantic on New Year’s Day. She thinks her four children should do it too.
Rita is a chef like her mother. Runs the family restaurant until it burns down. She convinces her two brothers and sister to make the trip. They break down in Hurly, New Mexico.
Jasper owns the town’s bar and is opening an eatery with it. He is also the one the women turn to for a good time. But he is trying to turn his life around and be a better man. He is very attracted to Rita, so he bribes the mechanic to take longer on fixing their car.
Both are a little damaged and continue to accidentally hurt each other with their words. This is a story that will have your e reader smoking it’s so hot. A manwhore who changes his ways, a chef who has panic attacks in the kitchen, and siblings who aren’t close but are slowly finding their way to each other.



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