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Crossing behind the couch toward the kitchen, I find myself remembering those naked, intimate moments with Kayden only a short time ago. The passion. The trust I’d felt for him. And then his words: “We both want more. Until we don’t.” The words send a surge of adrenaline and nerves through my body.


The scent of freshly brewed coffee teases my nostrils as I reach the kitchen, where I immediately find Kayden standing behind the island. But it’s not him that makes my heart lurch, as usual. It’s my gun that’s lying on the counter between us.


And when I should perhaps step backward I find myself charging forward to claim the other side of the counter.


“What is that for?”


“You thought you needed it earlier,” he says. “I want you to have it now.”


My fingers curl on the tiled counter. “Do I need it?”


“That’s for you to decide.”


“That isn’t the answer I want.”


His jaw sets hard. “If you’re expecting an answer you’ll want, you’d better pick up that gun.”


We stare at each other, a push and pull between us that has nothing to do with fear or intimidation, and everything to do with a bond we both know is being tested. “I know what you’re doing.”


“What am I doing?”


“The same thing you did outside that church, when you helped me hold the gun to your chest.”


“Which is what?”


“Offering me the façade of control.”


“You holding a loaded gun on me in no way equals a façade.”


“I know you now,” I counter. “You don’t give up control, even when you say you are.”


He rests his hands on the counter, one turned just enough for me to catch a glimpse of the hawk inked on his wrist, its wings spread, the mark of a man whose rules of many must dictate his actions. “There are two sides to this coin,” he says, his words drawing my attention, his pale blue eyes piercing mine. “The me with you, and the me with everyone else.”


“We barely knew each other at the church.”


“I’d already decided you were mine. You just didn’t know it yet.”


Book Two – Demand – May 31, 2016

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