Kira is psychic and has a Tallan, her psychic ability to see through another person’s eyes. If she doesn’t mate soon, she will be driven crazy and die. She has been have these dreams about a man locked in a cell. Her being a Marine, she sets off to find and rescue him. But the problem is two different species are not allowed to mate. Fate has brought them together, so she must have a plan for them.
Lucas is a cougar shifter and Guardian of his clan. He delivers the punishment to his clansmen when they break the code. He is plagued by the erotic dreams of the mystery woman. Now they have to figure out who captured Lucas and why they wanted him.
Pretty good story. Steamy sex. A three some. A couple mistakes that totally confused me. A couple of parts I had to reread and it still made no sense.
Her dream man pulled her across his lap where his rapidly growing arousal pressed into her buttocks. Despite the potential for danger, she melted into his arms. His hands roamed everywhere— along her spine, caressing her shoulders before finally sinking into her thick hair where he gripped a handful and jerked her off his lips.”



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