Allison watches a video of a dragon shifting and now has assassins after her. Demian is a lion shifter and ex Navy SEAL.  He is sent to retrieve Allison but his lion knows she’s his mate. To keep her safe, she must go into hiding without Demian.
Two years later, she is raising their son alone and has told everyone he is on a mission. Demian has looked for a year for Allison but her handler was killed and his house blown up. In the ashes they find usb drive. Now he’s going to find his mate and settle down. He is on for a surprise when he learns he has a son. But assassins have followed them and he’ll do anything to keep them safe.
A little confusing at first. Doesn’t give enough info about video of dragon shifting. Lions, dragons and bears. Oh my! Might need a cold shower after reading this.




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