In a fortress in Budapest live several warriors. Each has a demon inside of them. Maddox has Violence inside him. They guarded the Gods but when a box containing the demons was to be protected, the Gods picked a woman, Pandora. Maddox and his brethren released the demon souls. When the Gods found out they put the demons in them. Violence went on a rampage and killed Pandora. Now every night at midnight he is stabbed six times by Reyes, keeper of Pain and Lucien is the keep of Death. Lucien escorts him to Hell, where he stays until dawn. Burning and regenerating over and over.
Ashlyn is trying to find the mysterious men up the hill. She constantly hears voices of past and present conversations. It never goes away and she has no piece until she gets near Maddox. And then there is blessedly silence. She doesn’t want to leave him, so she follows him. But he must be locked up and takes her with him before midnight strikes. Together they calm each other.  Violence is calm with her. But Hunters are out to find Pandora’s box and put the demons back. If that happens, they all die.
Absolutely loved this book. Great story line, bloody, violent, and sex. This is a true stand by your man story.




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