Bas is a Sentinel who turned mercenary. He has been raising his little girl by himself since her mother dropped her off as a baby.
Myst is clairvoyant and a group called Blood Brothers want her. They think she will make a device that will destroy the high bloods. She returns to see her daughter and Bas wants her to leave until he finds out the real reason she left their child. Bas and Myst go to a doppelganger to see if he can tell them the weapon that she will make. Now they have the Blood Brothers after them and they’ll do anything to get their hands on her.
Exciting. Sexy. A little slow to start but it speeds up toward the end. Leaves you on the edge of your seat. I debated whether to put 3.5 stars or 4. It is really in between them two.
What really bugs me is Myst is supposed to have silver hair with a little curl. The girl on the cover has red hair. That drives me crazy.
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